The ReadyToGo!™ Program is a major investment by Mericle in new speculative buildings and fully-prepared sites that is expected to facilitate the creation and retention of thousands of jobs. Mericle created this program to ensure that companies interested in Northeastern Pennsylvania have a wide variety of buildings and fully- prepared sites from which to choose.

Mericle is developing more than 90 ReadyToGo!™ Sites on land it owns in 11 business parks in Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties. The sites range from 1.5 acres to 100+ acres and can accommodate companies needing from 5,000 square feet to more than 1 million square feet. Mericle has designed the sites to be attractive to manufacturers, distributors, medical professionals, and a variety of office and business services firms. Mericle has completed work on more than 40 of these ReadyToGo!™ Sites.

For its ReadyToGo!™ Sites, Mericle obtains all permits and full subdivision, land development, and utility approvals. In most cases, all grading, including the placement of compacted stone sub-base in the building and pavement areas, is completed, and the parcels are made ready for the immediate construction of building foundations.

Once an agreement is signed, Mericle can begin construction almost immediately. In almost all cases, the building will be finished and ready for occupancy in just six to nine months.

Mericle has also developed dozens of speculative ReadyToGo!™ Buildings on these sites. Mericle uses its own resources to prepare the sites and construct industrial, office, flex, and medical buildings. The company’s in-house design team, engineers, heavy equipment operators, and construction employees all contribute to the effort.

One of the biggest challenges large industrial users face is finding a building that matches their needs for ceiling height, loading doors, lighting, heating, and utility service. An equally important need is adequate, on-site trailer storage. Many industrial buildings owned by competing developers do not have enough trailer spaces on-site, which forces tenants to try to find nearby off-site locations for storage. Because Mericle’s ReadyToGo!™ Sites are cleared, graded, and compacted, they are well suited – and immediately ready – for trailer parking. Therefore, Mericle markets the sites as ReadyToGo!™ Trailer Storage locations until such time that Mericle chooses to construct buildings on them.

CenterPoint is the focal point for Mericle’s ReadyToGo!™ Program, a major investment in new speculative buildings and fully prepared sites. Mericle is preparing dozens of ReadyToGo!™ sites at CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park East Phases IIA, IIB, and IIC and CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park West. Mericle intends to construct approximately 5 million square feet of industrial and flex buildings on these parcels with most being constructed on speculation.

ReadyToGo!™ Sites at CenterPoint, owned by Mericle